About Wheel Building UK

Wheel Building UK LTD was established in 2017 and offers a quality and friendly service. The business has quickly expanded and has regular clients from across the world. We supply high quality aluminium and chrome rims in various sizes. We also manufacture stainless steel spokes in house which can be made any size you require.

A little History

I started Wheel building uk back in 2018 after I had a motocross bike with loose and rusty spokes. As most beginners do I cut the spokes out without taking any measurements which was a big mistake as I didnt know what spokes I needed to use or even how to build a wheel.

I didnt have much money so I had to teach myself. Once id built that wheel I quite enjoyed it and by coincidence I recieved an offer to buy 130 wheels from an old chap who was retiring. Its safe to say that practice makes perfect and after 130 wheels built I was keen and ready to be building wheels for customers. I was struggling to find competitively priced rims and spokes so I got in touch with a well established rim manufacturer and got the ball rolling by ordering 600 rims.

Since then I have grown the business and now have a minimum of 2000 rims in stock at any given time. My aim is to provide a high level of workmanship at competitive prices to keep old and new motorcycles on the road.